Beastie Bay Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What are hidden caves ? Where can I find them ?
  • Hidden Caves are prime locations where you find the rare powerful beasts and worthy loot items. Here is a complete list of all the hidden caves in Beastie Bay.

  • How to unlock Mysterious Ship ?
  • The Mysterious ship can be unlocked when you build a lighthouse. You can build the lighthouse by either remodeling or wait for a drop as the game progresses.

  • How to earn/get more medals
  • Medals are very essential part of the game. They help to buy upgrades for the betterment of the game. Medals can be obtained by playing the game. When you play the game for straight 7 minutes (this does not includes opening menu, fight scene, etc.) then you get 1 medal. Also, there is a limit on the number of medals you can get in one run. The maximum medals you get is 10, so that equals to 70 minutes of gameplay. Even if you put your 10 hours into the game without exiting & accepting the medals in between, you will still get only 10 medals. So the best way is to close the game every 14-15 minutes and get the medals.

    Trick by Direnar: A trick for getting medals: most 5-star gathering squares have a chance to give medals on gathering. A good way to get medals for upgrading all your stuff in preparation of your second playthrough, place all your houses/beast homes spread out to be able to harvest a maximum amount, euqip all your non-party beasts with headbands and place Alpine Plants, Legendary Trees, Waterfalls and Mountain Ranges everywhere. A full map of 5-star harvesting squares with everybody harvesting an average of 6 squares gives me up to 5 medals every minute. This is only really useful in preparation for a high score, as you need a lot of money to buy Alpine Plants from the store and other nature building show up very rarely in loots.

  • What is Fast Game Mode ?
  • Fast Game Mode can be unlocked from Wairo Inc. by paying 5000 Gold to Wairobot. This mode increases the speed of the game. To activate the fast game mode goto Menu -> System -> Options –> Fast Speed.

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