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Hidden Cave Locations

Hidden Cave A in Lvl 22 Hot spring hills on Carre Isle
Beasts: Freezon Devil & Kairobot
Loot: Tidal Tome
Hidden Cave B in Lvl 27 Metro Isle, Wide Plateau
Beasts: Drazilla, Metabok and Kairobot appears behind 5-Star rocks.
Loot: Storm Tome, 3-Star
Hidden Cave C in Lvl 35 Blistering Hills on the Desert Isle
Beasts: Firaj
Loot: ?
Hidden Cave D in Lvl 34 Chilly Isle
Beasts: Tripplo, Sally Prin
Loot: ?
Hidden Cave E in Lvl 36 Active Vulcano on Vulcanic Isle
Beasts: Gillan, Kerfuffle, Scout, Dabbler & Princess Sally
Loot: ?
Hidden Cave F in Lvl 36 Secret Base area on Enigma Isle
Beasts: Huge Metabok
Loot: Meteor Tome

Crafting Equipments

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